Ashley Babcock

Profession you wanted to be when you were a kid: “Doesn’t exist yet” was my favorite response.

Ashley began working in coffee in 2007, as a barista, to pay for her Bachelor’s degree at SDSU. After graduating with a degree in Communication, she took a year off to travel and teach ESL in Spain. Upon returning to the States, broke and bright eyed, she returned to a barista position in mom-n-pop cafes, in order to make money post-travel in a totally collapsed economy. Although this was not the ideal position for a graduate attempting to move into the workforce, she found passion and happiness in the coffee community, making it not just a passing job but a career.

After years supervising and managing a series of cafes, Ashley made the transition into specialty coffee, taking extensive barista courses and participating in the San Diego coffee community. Today, Ashley is unable to imagine life, or a career, without coffee. Her future plans include opening an irreverent café in San Diego with her best friend.

First concert: Less than Jake at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz

Best place you ever went on a business trip: Dubai, as a finder’s fee, for a shisha manufacturer.

Best coffee memory/favorite coffee experience: At the coffee shop Barista, in downtown Portland, Oregon, I ordered an Ethiopian coffee roasted by Verve. It was the silkiest, butteriest, peachiest, cleanest, brightest, vanilla-iest, most delightful espresso I had ever experienced, and it was then that I realized how truly exceptional coffee is and how many moving parts need to be successful for this “God shot” moment to happen.

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