Christopher Gonzalez

Favorite coffee memory: As a kid in Colombia, I use to love when my grandma would make the family a bold batch of coffee with our breakfast.

Christopher graduated from the University of Scranton, where he majored in Finance and minored in Operations and Information Management.

During his senior year, with school remote, he began working with a neighborhood coffee shop, helping with operations and business management. Through this experience, he learned about the world of coffee trading — which combines his excitement for finance with his love of coffee — and immediately knew it was how he wanted to focus his career.

Christopher considers himself a student of life and enjoys learning about new subjects. He’s interested in all aspects of the coffee market and is excited to be working on Logistics Operations within InterAmerican. Christopher wants to contribute to the work of helping to achieve sustainability and greater equality through all levels of the industry and to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauties of coffee anywhere in the world.

Your first concert?
 Carlos Vives

Hobbies you enjoy? I enjoy drawing, reading, building different contraptions and learning how to speak French.

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