Jayy Terrell

Current goal? To continue learning about the world of coffee and to further cultivate my skills and knowledge.

Jayy Terrell is a Houston native who discovered the Houston coffee scene through a barista gig six years ago. Needless to say, they were immediately hooked. They proceeded to grace several Houston coffee bars, working hard to educate themselves on as much as possible — from brewing, extracting and latte art to customer service and customer education — along with stints on the roasting side of the industry.

Jayy joined Neumann Gruppe USA as a Partner in the inaugural year of the NKG PACE program. Halfway through, they were offered the role of Quality Specialist in the San Diego office of InterAmerican Coffee. Since completing the program, Jayy has been promoted to managing the San Diego QC lab and sampling operations and is a newly minted Q Grader.

Jayy's goal is to continue learning about the world of coffee and to further cultivate their skills and knowledge in order to bring to life a vision of becoming an independent coffee roaster.

First concert: My first concert was amazing (for the time period). It was Linkin Park, Story of the Year, Hoobastank and POD!

Favorite dessert: Rootbeer float.

Best coffee memory: There are so many now! Hosting the Pride Throwdown in Houston years ago. My first cupping with my coffee siblings (the NKG PACE Partners) in New Jersey. Tasting rose water in a new arrival around the cupping table. I can't choose!

A random fact about me is: I have an English degree with a minor in Cultural Anthropology.

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