Pablo Lara

Random fact: I love My Little Pony. For my 26th birthday I dyed my hair pony pink and threw a themed party.

Pablo began his career in coffee after graduating from the University of California at San Diego. While working for local roasters and blogging about the local coffee scene, he found himself drawn into the world of green coffee.

Since 2017, Pablo has worked in green coffee logistics, marketing, sales and sourcing. His favorite part of working in the coffee industry is connecting people. Because of this, Pablo organizes an annual cold brew festival called Cold Brew City Fest. It brings together coffee roasters, coffee importers, cafes, artists, musicians, bakers and specialty beverage makers from San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Tijuana.

To keep his youthful glow, Pablo takes a monthly bath in Panamanian Gesha.

First concert: Manu Chao in Tijuana. Legendary French singer who wrote the song “Welcome to Tijuana.”

Best place you ever went on a business trip: San Ignacio, Peru. I traveled to meet the producers and team of the COOPAFSI cooperative. Landed in the historic city of Cajamarca, where the last Inca ruler was executed by the Spanish. The mix of history and coffee made this my favorite origin trip!

Favorite coffee experience: Judging the PCCO (Premio a la Calidad de Café de Oaxaca) in 2018. The University of Chapingo organized a wonderful event for producers and buyers in Oaxaca. Getting to be part of it was extremely meaningful.

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