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Zimbabwe Salimba

The Salimba Estate, located at an altitude of 900 - 1,000 meters in Eastern Zimbabwe, first planted coffee in 1955. Located at 20.2° South and 33° East, the soil is sandy clay loam. The average annual rainfall in this area is approximately 1,250mm, which falls mainly between November and April. A small percentage of the annual rainfall comes from their winter mists May through July.

The varieties grown at the Salimba Estate are a mixture of Catimor varieties, with a small percentage of SL28 coffee (10%). They have a program set in place that uproots and replants each field every seven to eight years. This allows the cherries to be harvested from young trees, which are largely disease-free.

All of the coffee is hand-picked as red cherries. To ensure that the coffee is at the best stage for harvesting, the trees are picked approximately ten times over throughout the season. This technique yields a main grade return of about 85%.

Cup Characteristics

clean, bright, complex, full body, sweet, caramel, chocolate, grapes, woody, tobacco

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