Brazil Natural MTGB 2/3 SSFC

Brazil is the largest coffee growing country in the world, responsible for 30% of coffee grown worldwide, about 74% if which is Arabica. Brazilian coffee is grown on large plantations designed to facilitate efficient, mechanized processes. Due to the relatively flat landscape and high minimum wages, mechanical harvesting is prevalent. To be clear, mechanized picking is no longer synonymous with strip picking, and the use of harvesters is often combined with derriçadeira, handheld machines that can be manually aimed at more ripe areas of the tree. The result is a kind of mechanized selective picking that delivers high quality arabica coffee at imposing scale.

Most Brazilian coffees are processed using natural and pulped natural processes, meaning the coffee is dried with all or a large amount of fruit on the bean. This process imparts sweet, fruity notes and produces a creamy body. The result is a well-balanced, nutty, chocolatey profile with low citric acidity and smooth body – a universally enjoyable cup that has become famous the world over.

Brazil Natural MTGB 2/3 SSFC is a large lot arabica is sorted by defect and screen size. MTGB indicates 15 to 16 screen size (Medium To Good Bean size). NY 2/3 references the Green Coffee Association of New York standards that assure no more than 8-12 visible defects in a 300 gram sample. SSFC (Strictly Soft Fine Cup) beans are grown under 1200 meters above sea level and are free of hard rioy flavors. This “work horse” coffee is well priced, versatile and consistent.

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