Where do you ship coffee to?

We ship coffee to the 50 contiguous United States and to Canada.

We also know that shipping and logistics details can be a bit daunting. But we’ve been doing this for 35 years, and we have an amazing team of talented, caring people—who you can always use as a resource. Everyone here is happy to talk about any aspect of coffee, with roasters of every size. Really.

What are my shipping options?

There are three options:

1) We can coordinate shipping for you. We work with a host of shipping companies and can pass on our discounted industry rates to you. Please contact a trader for shipping quotes and further details.

2) You can use your own carrier. If you have an account with a trucking company, just let us know.

3) You can pick up your coffee yourself, if you’re close to one of our warehouses. (Please be prepared to lift heavy bags!)

Coffee that is shipped will be loaded onto wooden pallets and wrapped.  If requested, and for a small additional charge, the warehouse can add strapping to your order, which provides added protection to your coffee during its journey. Please alert your trader if you have any specific delivery requirements, such as needing a lift gate, short truck or specific delivery days.

Also, please note that each warehouse has its own deadlines for orders, shipping policies and procedures. More questions? Ask a trader—they’re pros at this!

What if I don’t have a trader?

Simply visit the Traders page on our site and find someone in the office closest to you (Hoboken, San Diego or Houston). Or, simply email traders.iacus@nkg.coffee and someone will get right back to you.

Where is your coffee inventory housed?

Our inventory is stored in five warehouses across the United States:

Q. What information do you need from me?
A. If you are a new customer, please fill out our New Client Form and Credit Application and return them to your broker.
Q. What is a Spot sale?
A. A spot sale is a coffee order comprised of coffee currently in our inventory / warehouses ready for release. For a complete list of our current inventory see our Offer List.
Q. What is a Forward sale?
A. A forward sale is an order that reserves coffee for release at a determined delivery period in the future. Forward sales can either be fixed or unfixed. A fixed sale is comprised of an agreed-upon differential added to the current level of the C-market for the corresponding trading period. An unfixed sale is comprised of an agreed-upon differential that will be added to a level of the C-Market of the corresponding trading period at a time of your choosing (before first notice day of that trading period). Both give the buyer the ability to secure coffee types and market levels in advance.
Q. Is there a minimum order?
A. No, we do not have a minimum order. However, shipping rates are most cost-effective when shipping a full pallet.
Q. How many bags go on a pallet?
A. Trick question! Usually 10 but we can fit up to 12 if they are smaller, lighter bags.
Q. Do all coffee bags weigh the same thing?
A. Funny you should ask! Different origins have different bag weights:

  • Hawaii — 45.63kg/100lb
  • Yemen, India Monsooned Malabar — 50kg/110.23lb
  • Swiss Water Decaf — 59.88kg/132lb
  • Indonesia, Africa, Brazil and most decafs — 60kg/132.276lb
  • Most Mexico, Central & South America — 69kg/152.12lb
  • Colombia, Bolivia and some Mexico — 70kg/154.32lb
Q. How do I pay for my coffee?
A. For new customers we accept credit card and wire transfers. Once you have a few orders under your belt we invite you to fill out a credit application for Net 30 terms.
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