Colombia ASOPCAFA Huila Excelso Organic


ASOPCAFA coffee producers in the village of La Union, and all around Aipe-Huila, benefit from the mountainous region's rich soil and perfect climate and ecosystem for growing coffee. Aipe is surrounded by the Magdalena, Aipe, Baché and Pata rivers, and the highest mountain in the area reaches to 2,300 meters above sea level. But sadly, this beautiful region was at the center of the armed guerilla conflict, which for too long dramatically impacted producers’ ability to conduct their coffee businesses.

More recently, the association, which was incorporated in 2012 as the Asociación de Productores, Transformadores y Exportadores de Café Del Municipio de Aipe-Huila, has been able to apply for government and nonprofit grants to help its members invest in their farms. Producers also meet multiple certifications, which helps to better regulate coffee prices.

ASOPCAFA today consists of 17 women producers and 67 men. It has two full-time employees and has initiated a new “Young Cupper” training program.

Cupping notes: Strawberry, vanilla, panela, chocolate, tropical fruits; juicy, bright acidity, good smooth body.

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