Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Gr2

Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2 is grown in the Oromia region of western Guji. This region produces a wide variety of flavor profiles, which makes sense, given Sidamo is the largest coffee growing region in Ethiopia. (The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) – the government-run body that manages smallholder coffee transactions, grading and trading the coffee – awards the Sidamo name to a rather broad area of the country.) In addition to the delicate florals and tea like body Ethiopian coffee is known for, Oromia is noted in particular for fruit forward notes and winey acidity.

As is the case for much of the coffee grown in Ethiopia, this Sidamo is comprised of multiple heirloom varietals grown in smallholder plots. It is processed at the Adola washing station, where it is dried for 12 to 21 days during which moisture levels are diligently monitored.

Cupping notes: Blackberry, lime, floral, herbal.

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