Guatemala ADISQUE Organic HB

In June 1995, 250 women and 120 men in the department of Chiquimula, in Quetzaltepeque, Guatemala, founded the Associacion de Desarollo Integral Sostenible de Quezaltepeque (ADISQUE).

Today, 356 families produce Organic-certified, shade-grown coffee over 520 hectares. On their family-owned farms, ADISQUE members work hard to fulfill their vision to generate social and economic programs and to operate sustainably, focusing on ecological restoration in response to the challenges of climate change.

ADISQUE is also very focused on education, and its offices serve as classrooms for programs for both children and adults. The group is also working to train and strength its management, to be mindful of gender equality and to ensure food security for all children. Part of this includes increasing the diversity on their farms and growing fruits, corn, beans and other produce that can be used for consumption or for sale, in addition to providing shade.

Cupping notes:Toffee, apricots, green apple; sweet, balanced and clean.

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