Mexico FESICH Fairtrade Organic

Mexico FESICH Fairtrade Organic comes to us from El Federacion de Sociedades Cooperativas Indigenas y Ecologicas de Chiapas, F.C. de R.L. (FESICH). FESICH was founded in October of 2009 and represents 1,890 smallholder producers from the regions of Angel Albino Corzo, Capitán Luis Ángel Vidal, La Concordia, and Montecristo de Guerrero. These areas lie just east of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, between the mountain range Sierra Madre de Chiapas and the southernmost reservoir of the Angostura river. The reserve is an important refuge for endemic species (including several endangered mammals) as well as an important touchstone for bird migration. However, El Triunfo is notably the most diverse evergreen cloud forest in Mexico, which contributes to a tropical microclimate, ideal for coffee cultivation in these bordering regions.

Mexico FESICH Fairtrade Organic is sorted post-harvest, with only ripe cherries selected for pulping. Second, the coffee is fermented for 12-18 hours, then fully washed. Third, parchment is dried on concrete patios where it is carefully monitored until the coffee reaches uniform moisture content of 12%.


Cupping notes: Orange, caramel, vanilla; juicy acidity, syrupy body.

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