Colombia Antioquia Ebejico

Colombia Antioquia Ebejico is produced by a women’s group from Cooperative de Occidente de Antioquia. In 2019 a group of women from Ebejico Antioquia gathered with their Cooperative to identify strategies for growth. Their goal: to strengthen their coffee production skills, to better contribute to the farm, and to obtain higher prices for their coffee. The result of these meetings was the formation of the Ebejico Women’s group, a group of 18 producers representing 20 farms.

With the support of the Committee of Coffee Producers of Antioquia and Cooperative of Occidente of Antioquia, this group of women met weekly. They identified ways to improve farming practices starting with agronomy, fertilization programs, fermentation protocols, recycling residues, decomposing pulp and improving drying processes. They took into consideration the practices on every individual farm so that the quality they produce as a group is consistent. In this way, the work has been that of a team of women uplifting each other.

Some women are the head of the families, responsible for the children and their future. Some are married and face the reported challenge of onboarding their spouses to the practices of the association. In this regard, they must prove their work provides actionable improvements, therefore resulting in higher income for the family.

Looking forward, the group is working to receive training from SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje). This organization provides cupping and roasting classes. Learning more about the sensory aspects of coffee will allow them to prepare quality coffee at the farm and will surely result in higher quality overall.

Their Coffee

Colombia Antioquia Ebejico is grown with full sun exposure in the volcanic soil of the Andean Mountain Range. It is fermented for 14-15 hours before being fully washed. Coffee is then sundried on patios as well as in parabolic dryers (greenhouse-like structures that protect drying coffee from the elements).

Cupping notes: Caramel, chocolate, black tea, tropical fruit, citrus; malic acidity, juicy body.

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