Costa Rica San Rafael Tarrazú 

Costa Rica San Rafael Tarrazú is sourced from 1300 producer families in the Tarrazú region. Here in the south of San Jose, Caturra and Catuai varieties grow in ideal conditions. The Central Valley is sheltered between the Pacific Coast and the Talamanca Sierra. This geography traps coastal moisture, retaining it as precipitation. When combined with high altitude and ample sunlight, coffee here performs beautifully.

Costa Rica San Rafael Tarrazú is milled at NKG Beneficio Palmichal by NKG Ceca S.A.. It is meticulously sorted as a Strictly Hard Bean quality .


Tarrazú Costa Rica has been long recognized as a region that produces high quality coffee. So much so that in 2019 Tarrazú received a Denomination of Origin (DOE) certification, a legal distinction that, like Champagne in France, can only be applied to coffees from the area. (It is noteworthy that this legal determination represents a decidedly smaller portion of the area, and therefore producers that have historically contributed to "Tarrazú coffee.” Read more here.)

More about Ceca and Beneficio Palmichal

Ceca traditionally sources a range of coffee from more than 2,000 coffee growers in the Los Santos or greater Tarrazú region. The company owns and operates Beneficio Palmichal as well as a state-of-the-art Palmichal Micro Mill built in 2015. The mills are strategically located between the Tarrazú and Central Valley Regions, providing access to fresh cherry from both areas while facilitation separation and the resulting traceability.

Mill facilities allow for the production of a variety of qualities of washed arabica, as well as some uniquely processed lots such as Costa Rica Sonora Honey Natural. Beneficio Palmichal also has a nursery program that experimented with planting 350,000 plants in 2016, using high-quality, rust-resistant varieties.

Cupping notes: Brown sugar, vanilla, apple.

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