Guatemala Aprocsaa Organic 

Guatemala Aprocsaa Organic is grown 1700-2000 meters above sea level in the Sierra Madre mountain range. Home to the San Pedro and Toliman volcanoes the mineral-rich soils and high altitudes are ideal for coffee cultivation. Additionally, this juncture where the central highlands rise into Sierra Madre mountain range provides a unique microclimate, trapping cloud cover and moisture. Guatemala Aprocsaa Organic is harvested with selective handpicking of ripe cherry. It is wet milled at Skoll Valley Mill and sun dried on patios.


Asociacion de Productores de Café San Antonio

Guatemala Aprocsaa Organic is produced by the of Asociacion de Productores de Café San Antonio (Aprocsaa). These 67 producer- members belong to the Quiche, Caqchiquel and Tz’tuhil ethnic groups which results in coffee cultivation rooted in the Mayan worldview. To this end, coffee is grown with a deep respect for the environment. In addition to adhering to organic production standards for cultivation, Aprocssa producers manage and conserve the soil with atmospheric nitrogen-fixing native shade trees that dually enhance the biodiversity of native flora and fauna. In fact, this subtropical humid forest is refuge for many migratory bird species, and is maintained through the ecological-agroforestry practices of the Aprocsaa producers. Additionally, the producers compost and properly manage the water from the wet mill to maintain the health of the environment.

With the support of Ecom and Retrillas del Pacifico and El Grano, Aprocsaa members have access to technical training. Workshops include integral control of Roya, the Conservation and Management of Soil, Handling Shade trees, as well as Application of Organic Fertilizer and Roya Control Spraying (all executed with personal safety equipment). Additionally, partnership with Retrilla del Pacifico and El Grano allowed for the construction of a school for the children of Aprocsaa producers, as well as a medical and dental clinic for the producers and their families.

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