Muraho, Rwanda Coffee Lovers!

Shyira green coffee mill in Rwanda

Muraho! (As they say in Rwanda, greeting a friend one hasn't seen in a while.) Rwanda's most recent coffee harvest is nearly afloat, so we're eager to find good homes for our remaining bags of the current crop.

These coffees are drinking well and priced to sell! Please contact your trader or email for more details.

ps: All six coffees are washed and in 60kg Ecotact or GrainPro bags.

Rwanda Muraho Shyira A2 (P4530 3 bags Annex)
Rwanda Muraho Shyira A1 (P4535 15 bags NJ)

The Muraho Trading Co. works with small producers across five washing stations and offers trainings on improving agricultural practices for better yields and cup quality. This coffee from Muraho's Shyira washing station, in the Nyabihu district in Rwanda's Western Province, was washed, fermented 12 hours and dried in the sun for 35 days.

A1 and A2 are designations of density, not quality. At the mill, wet parchment is run through serpentine channels that create areas for floaters and foreign objects to be discarded. The more-dense A1 parchment is trapped by submerged gates early in the serpentine; A2 parchment is trapped farther along down the channel.

Cupping notes: Tangerine, cherry, lemon.

Rwanda Muraho Vunga A1 (P4537 5 bags NJ, 5 bags Houston; P4524 8 bags Annex)

Among the producers the Muraho Trading Co. works with in the Nyabihu district are the Vunga Cooperative. Formed in 2009, Vunga now has 260 members (74 women and 186 men) who farm between 1,650 and 2,000 masl. Their coffee was washed, fermented for six hours and then dried on raised beds for 35 days.

Cupping notes: Caramel, grapefruit, floral. Velvety body, dynamic.

Rwanda Nova 2017 (P4804 19 bags Annex, 10 bags NJ)
Rwanda Nova 2016 (P2658 1 bag Houston)

Nova is a women-run washing station in the Gicumbi district of northern Rwanda. Agnes Mukamushinja purchased the site in 2013 with her husband, Felix Hitayezu. Through a partnership with the Rwanda Trading Company (RTC), which was established as a vehicle for social change in the area, Nova has increased both its efficiency and the quality of the coffees it produces, thanks in part to the installation of a new pulping machine, new fermentation tanks and drying beds, and a new high-quality warehouse for storage.

Cupping notes: Red fruit, leather and citrus.

Rwanda Muraho Rugali A2 (P4526 24 bags Green Room)

Rugali is one of the Muraho Trading Co.’s five washing stations. Rugali has five full-time staff members and grows to 180 seasonal workers during the peak season. This coffee was grown between 1,550 and 2,000 masl, by any of the 1,150 smallholder farmers who deliver to the station. At Rugali, it was washed, fermented for 12 hours and then dried in the sun on raised beds.

Cupping notes: Herby, sweet, berry and lime; winey acidity, smooth body.

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