Peru Grano de Oro Rainforest Alliance

Grano de Oro, a cooperativa agroindustrial de productores ecológicos, was founded in March 2013. The founding members were 21 producers in across Tres Aguas, Nuevo Porvenir, 28 de Julio, Colonia Huanca, Puerto Escondido and Alto Santo Domingo, all in the districts of Pichanaki and Rio Negro.

Today, Grano de Oro has 86 members across the districts of Pichanaki, Perené, Río Negro, Pangoa, Mazamari and Santa Cruz.

The group’s stated values are trust in the integrity of its work with partners; quality in production; and responsibility to its community, environment and partners. The results, it says, are proof that the cooperative “is a large family that provides support to those who need it, inside and outside the organization.”

Its vision, it adds, is to show national and international leadership in the area of agro-ecological production that’s in harmony with nature. It also wants to provide efficient services based on the re-investment of its profits.

Cupping notes: Caramel, nut, raisin; citric acidity, good body.

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