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Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

La Pastora is a coffee developed by CoopeTarrazú, a well recognized cooperative located in San Marcos, Tarrazú. They are a cooperative with over 53 years of experience and tradition, who work with over 3,000 coffee producers and 250 mill workers who reside in the surrounding communities in the Tarrazú and Leon Cortes regions. Their main functions are to provide milling, marketing, and export services for their coop members.

The members of CoopeTarrazú pride themselves on a focused set of commitments:

• Develop a sustainable coffee culture.
• Protect and improve the environment.
• Meet the expectations of their customers with high quality products and services.
• Improve the quality of life of their members and the general community.

La Pastora Tarrazú has been the coop's leading trademark for more than 50 years. It is a regional blend of 8 different communities in Los Santos Tarrazú region. La Pastora is recognized among Costa Rican producers for its exceptional quality.

Cupping Notes

Jasmine in break, round body, swiss chocolate, pineapple.

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