NKG Corporate Responsibility By the Numbers

NKG 2018 Responsible Sourcing Report

InterAmerican Coffee is proudly a part of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG)—49 companies across 27 countries that exclusively focus on green coffee. As a family-run, third-generation organization, the sustainability of the coffee industry is of paramount importance, and NKG companies are constantly working to earn the honor of being green buyers' first-choice partner for sustainably sourced coffees.

This season, we’re proud to share our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, which is specifically focused on Promoting Responsible Sourcing. We encourage you to download and view the 15-page report (scroll to the bottom of the site for a download link), which transparently details the group’s sustainable initiatives, partnerships and impact around the globe. It even includes scannable QR codes to audio files, so you can hear producers in their own words.

We welcome your feedback on this report and this work—and offer these quick takeaways:

>> In 2018, NKG supported sustainability initiatives in 14 origins, with 12 export companies, 1 import company, 3 NKG-owned farms and 211 sustainability-focused employees.

>> In 2018, 131,000 individuals benefitted from NKG sustainability initiatives, 95% of whom are farmers.

>> Since 2011, NKG has invested more than $10 million in sustainability initiatives, with more than $2 million in investments in 2018 alone.

> As of 2018, more than 248,000 hectares of coffee are covered by NKG initiatives.

> In 2018, 65% of all activities were in Africa; in Kenya alone, achievements included 1,500 farm visits, 126,000 seedlings distributed, direct financing to 545 farmers and the installation of 198 waste management systems.

> Collaboration is a key to our success. 86% of sustainability initiatives are collaborative efforts with third parties, whether banks, NGOs or customers, and 26% involve more than one NKG company.

For generations, NKG leadership has acknowledged that for a business to be truly sustainable, it must be viable for all participants.

“This begins with the small- and medium-sized farmer, who is the backbone of the world’s coffee production and without whom the enduring success of coffee as a modern and highly desirable everyday luxury would be unthinkable,” NKG’s Board of Management wrote in its introduction to the report.

“We are unconditionally committed to and invested in the coffee-producing countries and the coffee producer,” they continued. “As we continue to grow our business, we will continue to expand our investments and dedicate resources to further deepen our role as responsible corporate and private citizens.”

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