Dana Andrews

Profession you wanted to be when you were a kid: A clown in the circus!

Dana started at InterAmerican in 2010 in the Quality Control department, which included all sample roasting, communication with customers and origin-regarding approvals and rejections. Plus, of course, lots of daily cuppings and coffee evaluations. After a few years, her love for talking coffee with roasters, and for traveling to foster relationships at origin, lead her to her current role as a trader.

Dana is a Q Grader and has an SCAA Instructor Development Program (IDP) credential, which enables her to lead SCA classes. Her passion for coffee is fueled by her desire to learn every discipline and aspect about it, from discovering unique coffee shops to building relationships and increasing her knowledge about origin with lots of travel!

A random fact about you? I’ve rebounded for Steph Curry, and it was the easiest job ever — just stand under the hoop, because he never misses!

Best place you ever went on a business trip: Ethiopia was an epic bucket list experience for me along with spending 6 weeks in Colombia!

Favorite company outing: Anything we do as a team turns into an eventful fun event, especially bowling!

Best coffee memory/favorite coffee experience: Hands down, finishing our Kenya buying trip with a safari with lions!

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