InterAmerican Coffee

Kayd Whalen

Kayd has been importing and trading specialty green coffee for nearly a decade, as well as managing the San Diego office since 2011.

Her dedication to quality, sustainability, long term relationships with roasters and partnerships at origin can be felt through her upbeat, positive attitude and contagious enthusiasm for everything coffee related. Kayd spends most of her time drinking coffee, cupping coffee and talking about coffee.

Kayd is Q Certified, active in the SCAA, CQI and is on the Board of Directors for Food 4 Farmers. She has also been an instructor for SCAA’s cupping education program since 2008. Proficient in French and Spanish, Kayd loves to travel and visits origin often; cupping and sourcing new coffees, hiking around farms and building strong relationships. She has visited and led trips to coffee growing regions in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Indonesia. She also loves to play volleyball, snowboard and bike to work.

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